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<"The video is circulating among tour operators. I'm told it was shot in recent years, though we don't have an exact date." The police claims that it is 10 years old are pure guesswork and it is clearly much fresher than that. From the nature of the file, it appears to have been shot on a mobile phone, which brings it closer to the present," Gethin Chamberlain told IBNS from Goa, where he is based in India.> <"The police claims that the video was snot in 2002 are pure fiction. I listened to Deol [DGP of Andaman] being interviewed: he doesn't know when it was shot," said Chamberlain. He said: "His own colleague, SB Tyagi, superintendent of police for South Andaman, who I interviewed because Deol failed to show up for a prearranged interview, admitted that they have problems: 'The moment we come across any misdemeanour on the part of our police officers they are dealt with swiftly.> <"What do you mean by Jarawa women made to dance naked? They are naked. They live naked. This video may be ten years old now being brought out for someone's purposes," said S B Deol, Director General of Police, Anadamans. According to Survival International, the ancestors of the Jarawa and the other tribes of the Andaman Islands are thought to have been part of the first successful human migrations out of Africa.> <"The road brings settlers, poachers and loggers into the heart of their land. This encroachment risks exposing the Jarawa to diseases to which they have no immunity, and creating a dependency on outsiders. Poachers steal the game the Jarawa rely on, and there are reports of sexual exploitation of Jarawa women," it said. "Tourism is also a threat to the Jarawa, with tour operators driving tourists along the road through the reserve every day in the hope of ‘spotting’ members of the tribe. Despite prohibitions, tourists often stop to make contact with the Jarawa," it said.>

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