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<"What is it that they are afraid of?" Shabnam Hashmi asked. Media reports said Congress leader Shankarsingh Vaghela will also sit on a counter fast to protest Modi's in Godhra.> <"Sadbhavana Mission spreads the message of love, faith, peace and unity among human beings. Godhra, the town where two communities Hindu and Muslims live peacefully since a decade, is the place of a Friday Sadbhavana – the holy day of the week for the muslim community," Modi said in a statement on his website. He said communal violence are the days of the past in Gujarat. "It’s the time to introspect the current scenario where Sadbhavana – the emotion that binds communities and people of Gujarat together, to walk hand in hand, for the progress of Gujarat. "Ultimately, development of Gujarat is the development for the people of the nation. Sadbhavana is an emotion to shrug off black seeds of hate, anger, bickerings and scatter sunshine into the lives of people with ‘Sauno Saath, Sauno Vikas. Good governance with positive vibrations is a step for enhancing amity between communities and people," he said.>

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