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< Chhayanat celebrated folk festival, named ‘Holud Gandar Phool’ at Satyajit Ray auditorium(I.C.C.R.) on 3rd February. Legendary folk singer Sri Amar Pal, eminent artist Sri Abhijit Basu, well known percussionist Pt. Mallar Ghosh, Smt. Mallika Ghosh and Debdutta Gupta, the artist and art critic were the honorable guests. First Half of the programme was entitled as ‘Matir Sur’. It was a combination of Nazrulgeeti (based on folk style) and poems of several poets (Rabindranath Tagore, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Jibanananda Das, Jasimuddin, Birendra Chattapadhyay). Somerita Mallik was in vocal and truly supported by Smt. Sutapa Banerjee in recitation. It was totally a unique programme designed by Somerita. The second half of the programme echoed the rhythm of ‘madol’ and ‘dhamsa’, folk instruments of Santals. It was a delight to watch the tribal dancers performing so lively. The stage was shining in the colours of live. The entire programme was successfully anchored by Somedutta Mallik.

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